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Center Stage Entertainment is here to spruce up any party or special event with professional  DJ, Karaoke, Trivia and Photo Booth services.

From weddings to corporate events and children's parties, we have been making parties pop for over 15 years. Experience, experience, experience. That is the reason to call call a professional. That is what we are. I have Been the DJ for close to 200 weddings and I have never advertised before today. If word of mouth gets you that much business, you must know what you are doing.

Karaoke has been the staple of this business since day one. We have been building our library for fifteen years. We now offer over 30,000 of the highest quality karaoke tracks. Sound is essential for singing and that has always been our number one focus.

Trivia is a newer service we offer and we are extremely proud of our product. Unlike most trivia services around, we don't buy generic trivia questions from the web. We design each trivia night from scratch. We add pictures, music and videos. A lot of attention is put into the questions to ensure that they are fun. We don't design it for guys on Jeopardy, it is for everyone. You may not know the answer but at least you might. If you don't do well in the science category, you might excel in the celebrity gossip category.

Photo Booths are the hottest thing out there to spruce up a wedding or party. We went top of the line across the board for our photo booth hardware as we have always done for our DJ services for all these years.

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